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I bought a volt, what next?

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I was hoping for a good rundown of things to get for my Volt as a sticky thread. As for what I bought, it's a used 2014 volt 42k miles. I accidentally used the sealant in the air compressor so will be replacing that. A dog will be in the trunk so any recommendations on all weather mats or a pet blanket for the trunk are appreciated. Also, something to keep him from pushing his way into the cab maybe see through net? The visibility out the back is terrible so not too excited about obscuring the view anymore that it already is.

For power, I have a 120v 30amp at one house (can this be stepped up to 240volt 15amp?) and just regular outlets 120v ~15amp at the other house. I'm thinking about getting a level 2 charger, but also may want to get something beefy enough to be more future proof ie. Tesla supercharger. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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