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I am a SnowBird

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I spend half of my year in Minnesota and half in California. i will purchase a new car this spring in Minnesota. I have looked at both the Volt and Bolt. Although the Bolt may not be available in Minnesota until September.

My question is this. With my current ICE vehicles I leave them on a trickle charger for the 5-6 months when I am not there. This has worked out just fine. With the Volt and/or Bolt how would I handle this situation? Leave these plug ins...plugged in? Or, just let them go down and charge up upon my return?

What are the best practices for this situation and for each car?
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Best storage of the Lithium Ion, Volts Main Battery, is 50% charged. The 12 volt AGM must not discharge as AGM batteries do not do well once fully discharged. I use a "Battery Tender JR" to keep mine charged when gone for a month or longer.
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