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Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid - no 12v battery?

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I saw a Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid on my way home today and it looked fancy, which of course made me curious enough to look it up when I got home. One of the first things I saw in the Wikipedia article on it was that it doesn't have a 12V battery. Does anyone know what it would use as a replacement? I thought it was required by federal law that the high-voltage battery be completely isolated when the vehicle was turned off (hence why even the Tesla has a 12V battery), but I don't know how that would work if there's no low-voltage battery in the vehicle. The lights, locks, etc. wouldn't work if the vehicle was off, and the Start button would have to mechanically connect the high-voltage battery relay when pressed.

I'm wondering if maybe the article cited as the source for that information on Wikipedia is not entirely accurate in saying it doesn't have a 12V battery and they're using something like a smaller Li-Po or Li-Ion 12V battery (which my dad's motorcycle has instead of a lead-acid or AGM now).
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Ok, so you were right, they can apparently use any one of the LiIon battery's sub-modules to power the low-voltage system when the car is off. The video here explains it. I suppose that means, however, that the car most likely cannot provide a jump start to another car with a dead 12V (hybrid or not), whereas our Volts could jump start another vehicle if need be.
The Hyundai VP on the video is speaking imprecisely and you may be over interpreting his comments. The Ioniq hybrid’s 12v battery has its own dedicated physical cells in the hybrid battery pack assembly and it is electrically separate from the main hybrid cells. It is not literally using “any one of the LiIon battery’s sub-modules”.

Here’s a good overview from Car & Driver:
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