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Bolts DC Fast charge is ~23kw in 30 minutes for ~90 miles range, not to far behind the 23kw in 23 minutes your video shows. I'd take GM's well researched and proven technology any day over a company that has never had a production tested EV before.
Well it's hard to tell. I haven't seen any video's of the Bolt EV hooked up to a high powered CCS. All the data I have seen so far have been with the Bolt EV hooked up to a 100 or 125A limited CCS station. The nominal pack voltage of the Bolt EV is 350VDC so peak charging voltage would go no higher than 400VDC.

It would be interesting to see what the Bolt EV could do connected to a 175A+ capable CCS. In theory the Bolt EV could also possibly sustain a ~60 to 70KW charge rate from ~20 to 70+% SOC. Maybe even more?

Note the Ionic added 21.17KWh of energy in 19 min 47.08 seconds at the 80% mark. Which is an average charge rate of 65.2KW from 10 to 80%.
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