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hvac and energy consultant

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Just joined the forum. I'm a registered mechanical engineer with 30 years of commercial building HVAC system design. I've specialized in designing leading-edge HVAC systems and building energy modeling.

In a past life, I lived for 13 years off-grid in the northern California mountains, using PV, micro-hydroelectric, wood heat, and solar hot water to meet our family's energy needs.

I'm also the step-son of a career low-level management GM employee and have followed GM's mis-steps with keen interest all my life. For once, it looks like GM may have it right.

Actually, more than just right. They have thrown out the book on how cars are usually designed, opening the entire development process to the scrutiny of their prospective early-adopters. I truly commend Bob Lutz on this creative approach.

Hopefully, GM's own design team periodically reviews some of the great dialogs and ideas flying around on these forums. A few ideas from outside the standard auto-industry may be good kernels of out-of-the-box solutions to the unique problems presented when designing the first real 21st century vehicle.
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