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Hummer SUT (truck) & SUV EVs Reservations Close

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GM to close reservations Thursday for electric Hummer pickup, SUV after topping 90,000. The starting prices of the vehicles range between roughly $85,000 and $111,000.

For comparison, it took Chevy 6 years to sell that many Volts and sold a total of 157,054 Volts over 10 years.

Anyone wanting to reserve one of the electric trucks must do so by the end of Wednesday (today).

GM has been slowly ramping up production of the Hummer EV pickup since earlier this year. As of the end of June, the company had sold less than 400 of the vehicles. The SUV version is expected to begin arriving to dealers and customers starting in early 2023.

Duncan Aldred, global head of GMC, said production of the SUV should happen more quickly than the pickup, which was the first consumer vehicle to feature GM’s next-generation Ultium batteries and vehicle platform.

“We knew it would be a slow ramp. But next year, when you look at the calendar year, I think you’ll see a normalized year,” he told CNBC last week at the Detroit auto show. “When we produce SUV, that should get into stride right away … Next year is a big year for Hummer EV, both truck and SUV.”

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The perspective of the photo makes the vehicles look ... squished
They are 86.7" (7.2 ft) wide not counting the mirrors vs. the Volt's 71.2" (5.9 ft.). You mean "Sky Panels"? lol

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