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HPMC2 module replaced on February 1. After getting the car back, the EV range on the guessometer was 14?!?! This has slowly increased to 24 as of May 4. Prior to the replacement, the EV range was 39 (winter) and ~45-55 (spring, summer, fall).

Have had the latest recall done for battery discharge.

The odd thing is around town, I am averaging 35-45 miles as long as I don't do more than 17 miles at a time (trips to the store, out to get coffee, etc). On the highway, I hit about 17 miles and the engine kicks on. Before the replacement, I would easily get 25-40 miles before the engine turning on depending on weather, hills, etc.

The car is acting like I lost half my battery. We have done at least 10 full discharge/recharge cycles so the module can 're-learn'. There are no codes showing.

Does anyone have similar issues? Any advice to tell the dealer?
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