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how to unlock a hatch that is open and locked

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So I had to carry a door in my volt and I couldn't find a place to attach a bungee cord on to the hatch. So I just locked the latch with my fingers and put the bungee cord hook in the locking mechanism.

After I unloaded the door I couldn't unlatch the lock. I tried the fob and also the Unlock symbol on the center dash. I finally found a little plastic cover right above the latch so I pried it off. Inside you will see a square hole that you can insert a screwdriver into and it unlocked immediately.

Hope this helps someone.:)
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The previous poster's reply should have solved your problem. Anything going through the hole where you put the bungee cord hook that you can apply pressure to in the direction away from the lock while pressing the unlock button will open and re-set the latch. Make sure you pull the latch far enough so that it locks in the "open" position. Pulling on the bungee cord hook should do the trick and then using the hook itself, press against the side of the latch until it locks open.
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