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How to turn all horn alarms off? Help!

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2014 Chevy Volt

There are a number of horn alarms I would LOVE to turn off. I do not see any way to turn alarms off in the screen interface.

The horn honks when I get out of the car (when I have the keys in my pocket) and walk around the car. This happens when the car is on and when I have just turned it off and I get out and walk around the car.

The car honks when I leave the keys in the car when it is running.

Can anyone help with discovering how to turn all these irritating and loud alarms off?

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The honk when you exit and leave the car running was a software change spurred by a near disaster of a forum member several years ago. If you leave the car on inadvertently, in your garage, with no battery buffer, the ICE can start up and poison the garage with CO. Best to just condition yourself to shut it off before exit, or live with the warning honk.
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