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How to turn all horn alarms off? Help!

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2014 Chevy Volt

There are a number of horn alarms I would LOVE to turn off. I do not see any way to turn alarms off in the screen interface.

The horn honks when I get out of the car (when I have the keys in my pocket) and walk around the car. This happens when the car is on and when I have just turned it off and I get out and walk around the car.

The car honks when I leave the keys in the car when it is running.

Can anyone help with discovering how to turn all these irritating and loud alarms off?

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Join the club.

The only way to disable them all is to disable the horn entirely.
One user put a switch in-line to do just that.
But I would think most of us are not into splicing wires to disable something that is computer controlled.

The only two you can disable are fob left inside alert, and charge cord theft alert - those are in the menus in the computer.
The former should reduce your honks.
Exiting the car while still on cannot be disabled except as above. It will always triple honk if the car is left on and all the doors close without a key inside.
Go to the infotainment system.
Press home.
Config, vehicle settings and look for options similarly named to those. Disable them.
See page 5-53 of the manual
Comfort and Convenience:
-charge cord theft alert (honks when you unplug vehicle and it is locked)
-remote left in veh. alert (honks when the fob is left inside the car and all doors close)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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