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How to stop text messages from Volt

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Every night, possibly several times per day, I get a text message that says my car has been charged, etc. I want to either disable those, or, ideally, change the phone number those are going to as they consume my cell account minutes when a SMS is received.

How or where can I change that phone number?
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Check your OnStar or Chevy cel phone app. There is a bug in it where these "notifications" will turn on automatically. You can't erase your cel phone and OnStar is turning them on automatically.

This has happened twice to me.

If your notifications are on in your cel phone app, please contact OnStar and complain. This is a violation of the law. (Companies can't send you text messages overnight and they can't send them to you without your express consent.)
I think you’ve misunderstood the TCPA. Service calls (which this falls under) does not require express written consent. Sales calls (where your dealer calls you) does in fact require your express written consent on a mobile phone.

If you’d like to discuss, PM me so we don’t pollute this thread, but it’s perfectly fine for OnStar to text you over these service notifications.

I'm not going to debate TCPA with you. This is the internet and on the internet, everyone gets to be a lawyer - so that won't go anywhere.

Fortunately, we can set that discussion aside.

Here's a copy of OnStar's SMS Texting agreement. Regardless of what we might think about TCPA, it is written to be TCPA-compliant and this bug IS in violation of their own agreement with us. OnStar promises a TCPA-compliant text message opt-in process.

(Presumably, OnStar's lawyers and OnStar's telco carriers are acknowledging that this activity is subject to TCPA provisions.)
Service calls (or texts, TCPA defines them as one in the same) have never required express written consent. As long as my staff don’t try to sell you something, your cell phone is fair game as long as I can prove we’ve had an existing business relationship.
I'm not going to contaminate this thread by debating this with you. If it bothers you, I'm very sorry for that.

Let's keep this thread on-topic:
- OnStar has a bug (at least and at a minimum) in their mobile app that turns on text notifications automatically, without permission.
- OnStar has no filter on time of day as to when these texts are sent.
- This violates OnStar's own SMS end user agreement and (depending on where your law degree is from, who your lawyer is, and how litigious you feel) this may be against the law and you may be entitled to compensation...
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Thought we covered this in another thread .

The tip on toggling the setting has helped in the past and double check via the web to mychevy as well as the App.

if all else fails give them Steverino text number :)
Missed this the other day. I have already changed my setting to Severino's number. Thanks for the tip!

When you say this was covered in another thread, do you mean the automatic tripping of the notification setting? We are toggling the notifications "Off" and the mobile app is automatically turning them back "On" without our input. Was this previously covered?
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