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How to remove the front bumper tow cover on a Gen 2

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I have a Gen 1 and I don't need to use the tow eye bolt to pull the vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck. But, for the Gen 2 this is needed (page 303 of the manual). So, I have a question for you : how do you remove the front bumper tow cover on a Gen 2 ? Pressing on it, prying it ? Where ? How ? Does this work for a Gen 1 ? Where to find a tow eye bolt for the Gen 1 ?
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Gen 2 has a tow eye under the rear floor under the tire compressor. The tow eye cover in the lower front grille has a slightly larger opening at the bottom which will allows a small flat screwdriver in and prying outward. If you are careful you can open it. It slightly hinges on two tabs at the top and has a tether so it won't get lost.
It is quite a jewel of a design and most people will never see it!
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