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How to make Bolt EV look better...

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OK, so we've been waiting a long time for the Bolt to come out and replace our Leaf. We have a lot of misgivings about the smaller size, so to compensate I'd like to enhance the looks a bit.

Here's what I am thinking (LT Model):

1) White exterior with dark tint, black out all the chrome, rear de-badge, blacked chevy bowties and wheels painted black. Maybe some small spacers and/or slight lowering.


Black exterior, tinted windows, rear de-badge, blacked chevy bowties but embrace all the chrome and leave the LT wheels bright silver. Spacers and lowering.

Opinions? Any other tips? I think both would look good this way. Could also black out the black one or go gray and blacked out too.

I'd love to provide a photoshop but lack the skills. Maybe I'll print a photo and take out a magic marker...
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I say again
THE BOLT HAS MORE EPA PASSENGER VOLUME THAN THE LEAF! (and a Tesla Model S and BMW i3 for that matter)
Those extra cubic feet are because the Bolt is CUV-ish and the roof is a bit higher, especially on the front seats. And that Tesla number doesn't take into account the 7-seater version, like I have.

I was playing around with the configurator and it would be nice to be able to get light color paint WITH the silver colored grille inserts. They make you get silver with black paint or dark gray with light paint. It would be nice to see that crazy orange color with the silver inserts. And yes, tint the hell out of it.
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