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How to make Bolt EV look better...

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OK, so we've been waiting a long time for the Bolt to come out and replace our Leaf. We have a lot of misgivings about the smaller size, so to compensate I'd like to enhance the looks a bit.

Here's what I am thinking (LT Model):

1) White exterior with dark tint, black out all the chrome, rear de-badge, blacked chevy bowties and wheels painted black. Maybe some small spacers and/or slight lowering.


Black exterior, tinted windows, rear de-badge, blacked chevy bowties but embrace all the chrome and leave the LT wheels bright silver. Spacers and lowering.

Opinions? Any other tips? I think both would look good this way. Could also black out the black one or go gray and blacked out too.

I'd love to provide a photoshop but lack the skills. Maybe I'll print a photo and take out a magic marker...
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OK, so we've been waiting a long time for the Bolt to come out and replace our Leaf. We have a lot of misgivings about the smaller size, so to compensate I'd like to enhance the looks a bit.
I say again
THE BOLT HAS MORE EPA PASSENGER VOLUME THAN THE LEAF! (and a Tesla Model S and BMW i3 for that matter)

Yes it has less rear luggage volume, but total interior cabin volume is only 3 cu ft less than a Leaf (yet has more available storage volume when the seats are laid down as compared to the Leaf)


Technically it's classed by the EPA as a "small station wagon" but if it weren't a hatchback at 112cuft. total cabin volume in would be considered a MID-SIZED CAR in accordance to the EPA classification system.

So No "compensation" is really required in that respect.
Drive it. You will see.


PS> Welcome to ;)


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The extra CU inches are a complete waste due to the box style of the car. Unless of course you need a lot of room forward of the steering wheel.
FYI the area forward of the steering wheel is NOT used in EPA passenger volume calcs
Pretty certain you've never even seen a Bolt in person so...
in any case
Those extra cubic feet are because the Bolt is CUV-ish and the roof is a bit higher, especially on the front seats. .
Doesn't matter why or how it just does
Get over it

PS> and the Tesla Model S 7 passenger version doesnt have any additional EPA VOLUME as it just takes from the luggage volume
EPA volume matters for what? I am sure it isn't passenger comfort because I can tell you that if you stick 5 people in the Bolt and say according to the EPA it is bigger than the Model S they will laugh in your face.

P.S. have you even sat in both of them yet because if you have you really wouldn't be arguing which is bigger and more comfortable. That goes for the leaf too as it uses its space a lot better for passenger comfort than the Bolt does. The Bolt is small no matter how hard you try and say it isn't.

Oh and if you want to include the luggage volume then the Model S is a hell of a lot bigger than the Bolt.
What are you talking about?
I'm simply stating facts based on empirical data as calculated by the EPA
BIGGER is not a metric used in the auto industry (which you clearly have very little to do with or knowledge in)
The current EPA formulations for cabin volume were specifically designed to provide more concise and realistic numbers for useful space in both interior seating and storage zones.

So who cares about your perception of "BIGGER"? This is not a subjective discussion
EPA volumes are THE standard for determining vehicle classifications in North America
The fact remains the Bolt has more EPA passenger volume than any of the cars above including the model S
Like I said GET OVER IT!

PS> Getting a little tired of fielding PMs from members reporting on your constant trolling of EVERY SINGLE Bolt thread on here as well.
Now I've experienced it first hand
Why are you here exactly?
You think we need you for your precious insights or counter-points for editorial balance perhaps? Think again. lol
Don't you have another sandbox to play in?
Closing this thread. To the OP please start another similar thread if you wish, sorry for the the threadjack
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