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How to improve the Volt efficiency with a GPS

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I think it's possible to improve the VOLT efficiency with a GPS and with a "Go back home" push button.
If the ride is more than 40 miles, then batteries need to be charged by the generator. If you want to go back home and improve your VOLT efficiency, then just push the "Go back home" button on the dash.
Then, the VOLT computer will know that you want to go back home. With the help of the GPS, the computer will verify the distance between the car location and your house, the traffic and the number of stop needed. With these informations, the computer will stop the gas engine exactly at the right time to get a 10% charge in the batteries when the car will arrive at home. Then the efficiency will be increased by 20% because usually, the generator keeps the SOC (state of charge) at 30% capacity.
I would like to get your opinion please.

Thank you!
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If you live, say, at the top of Mt. Washington, start off to work with an 80% SOC, will the car allow you to brake-generate the batteries up to 100%?
Probably not.
I would assume that once the 80% SOC is reached, as you continue to coast downhill, the Volt's battery management software will probably stop the regenerative charging.
With the Volt, battery management is everything. Keeping the battery within the proper SOC will be crucial for maximum battery life.
This is just my opinion, not speaking from any experience.
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