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How to improve the Volt efficiency with a GPS

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I think it's possible to improve the VOLT efficiency with a GPS and with a "Go back home" push button.
If the ride is more than 40 miles, then batteries need to be charged by the generator. If you want to go back home and improve your VOLT efficiency, then just push the "Go back home" button on the dash.
Then, the VOLT computer will know that you want to go back home. With the help of the GPS, the computer will verify the distance between the car location and your house, the traffic and the number of stop needed. With these informations, the computer will stop the gas engine exactly at the right time to get a 10% charge in the batteries when the car will arrive at home. Then the efficiency will be increased by 20% because usually, the generator keeps the SOC (state of charge) at 30% capacity.
I would like to get your opinion please.

Thank you!
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Ummm. I do agree with "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Just have the engine keep the SOC 30%-35% until it plug in. If the volt been driving more then 5 miles under 30%-35% SOC. The engine start to charge up to 80% SOC. I think the volt should have a setting for people who could not plug in it into 100% SOC with the engine.
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