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How to determine what Map version is installed

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I recently discovered that it is possible to update the maps on the Infotainment system. NavTeq which supplies mapping for Garmin and most major auto manufacturers, including GM, offers the ability to update your maps.

NavTeq is now called Apparantly, the Big Three German auto makers bought Navteq to preserve it from being gobbled-up and dispersed by Google.

In any event, there is a 2017 Update for the 2016 Volts, and I am being told by GM that my cars, even though built in early 2016 have the latest maps. I am skeptical. I would like to prove this for myself.

On the 2016 Volt update page is shown the three products the new update replaces:

This navigation map update is a replacement for the following GM part numbers:
How do I determine what part numbers, and/or versions are installed currently?
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Pretty sure my '14 has an older version. Caddy sure does charge a lot for a map update!

Are you guys saying that I can get the same update from a 3rd party?
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