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How to delete radio presets?

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Anybody know how to delete radio presets? I had several set up for Sirius stations, but now that my subscription has expired I want to remove them from the presets.

The manual tells how to add them, but I can't find anything on removing them - short of adding new 'regular' stations to replace them.
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Settings-Radio- Manage Favorites-hold finger on station to be deleted for a few seconds- hit Delete box, lower right corner.
Bingo! That's it! Actually, I didn't have to hold my finger on the station - just touch it to highlight it, then touch the Delete box.

I admit my defeat...this actually is in the manuals...but since I was in the car reading through the paper version I overlooked it. I found it doing a search in the PDF versions :(
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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