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How to delete radio presets?

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Anybody know how to delete radio presets? I had several set up for Sirius stations, but now that my subscription has expired I want to remove them from the presets.

The manual tells how to add them, but I can't find anything on removing them - short of adding new 'regular' stations to replace them.
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There is this thing called an Owner's Manual (printed and PDF). Anyone know what it's for?
Well HECK, that is the handiest thing, you put it under the table leg to keep the table from ah Rock'n
Go to the station you want to program in and push the location button and hold for a couple seconds it will replace the old one.
Yes, this has worked for me as well.
I found that the presets work for the sat programming as well. BUT A SURPRISE was when I accidentally programmed a button to a song on the USB drive. If the song is in a folder with other songs, pushing the button will play that song, then it will change to the next song in the folder and play, etc.

Very interesting system.
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