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how much to chare the volt

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iam looking to get a volt..i live in Ontario Canada how much on average is t0 to charge the volt?
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If you only charge between 7pm and 7am, assume $2/day as a rough estimate.
Sorry I have to disagree on that one. I pretty much fully deplete my battery daily and most I notice is about $30 a month max. Way cheaper than gas. I live in Ottawa.
If you charge one full battery every day, on off-peak power it would cost $1.82 for a gen1 (13kWh @ 14c) or $2.24 for gen2 (16kWh @ 14c).

You do not use a full battery every day if it's only $30. That's just not possible, even if counting work days only (~21 per month).
Unless you live in "Ottawa" but are really Gatineau, and get QC hydro rates.
Agreed, still way cheaper than gas.

For a prospective buyer who does not know how much they'll need, budgeting $2/charge is a simple way to ballpark figures. If you drive less, it will cost less, obviously.
Maybe free. Google the Ontario Climate Action Plan. Download the PDF and check out section 2.3
Still not holding breath on that one ;)
Also, the wording could mean just the electricity cost component.
So you'd likely still pay the delivery component, or ~5c/kWh.
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