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how much to chare the volt

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iam looking to get a volt..i live in Ontario Canada how much on average is t0 to charge the volt?
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Depends on what time of day you charge.

I live in an area where HydroOne services ... so I charge in off-peak most of the time which is $0.087kWh. If you multiply this by the full size of the battery (let's say 10kWh for ease of maths, adjust to how much you drive and how large your battery is), you would get $0.87 for a full charge if that's what you're using per day.

It's only added about ~$35 a month to my electricity bill, which was way cheaper than what I have been paying for gas in my previous car, which was a Prius. And I drive a lot and sometimes even charge during on-peak.
Actually as of April first off peak is now 7.7 cents/KWh. But that does not take into consideration variable delivery and transmission costs and GST.

After variable delivery and GST the cost is actually about 12 cents/KWh for off peak.

To fully charge a 2016 - 2017 Volt costs about $2 off peak (2.4 cents per Km using EPA rated 85Km EV range). For a 2011-2015 Volt it's roughly a $1.60 (2.5 cents per Km using EPA rated 65Km EV range). Most people don't use a full battery charge during their commute so the best metric is to take the cost in cents per Km and multiply that by your typical daily commute.
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