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I'm more than a little confused by what I'm reading here.

I understand the points the GM spokesperson made.

But there are a few things not mentioned:
--regenerative braking will charge the battery
--the ICE will be most efficient at a higher power output than the car will need to cruise
--battery power will be needed for peak acceleration

So it would seem that under at least some conditions it would make sense to cycle the ICE on and off as needed, and run from the battery. Yes, there are some losses going through the battery, but there would also be losses running the ICE continuously at a lower than optimal load.

They wouldn't want to charge the battery anywhere near 100%, for the reason GM gave. But maybe to 40 or 50?

The major reason this might not work: the longevity of the battery. But the pack in the Prius appears capable of a very large number of cycles.
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