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How much can Regen braking charge the battery?

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So I'm new and only know as much about the volt as I could find online. I haven't been able to plug my volt in as frequently lately after moving into an apartment. It's been about two weeks since it's last been plugged in...I go in last night after turning it off for about 15 minutes (with no battery charge obviously)...I hop back in, start her up...And I have 6 miles on the battery??? After that it drove on battery power for 6 miles. How is this possible???? I'm baffled
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You can charge it up to full with a big enough hill. If the charge gets too high MGB motor is run backwards to prevent overcharging the battery.
WOT is on record here emphatically stating it does NOT do that.

GreenMonster said:
If it can charge up this fast going downhill, why can't they make a super fast charger to fill it in a few minutes as if it's going downhill?
Mountain Mode can charge at around 15kW, that's around 1C and is fastest I'd ever want to regularly charge my own battery. GM could have put a much larger charger in the car than the existing 3.3kW one, but it would have cost more and their design philosophy for the car seemed to be just using 1 charge per day (using gas after that) and charging overnight (so as not to "need" expensive home charging setups). Note that Teslas come with a 10kW onboard charger, and you can upgrade to two of those and charge at 20kW at home. That's 40A for one or 80A for dual... many homes would need a lot of upgrades to handle that.
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