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How much can Regen braking charge the battery?

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So I'm new and only know as much about the volt as I could find online. I haven't been able to plug my volt in as frequently lately after moving into an apartment. It's been about two weeks since it's last been plugged in...I go in last night after turning it off for about 15 minutes (with no battery charge obviously)...I hop back in, start her up...And I have 6 miles on the battery??? After that it drove on battery power for 6 miles. How is this possible???? I'm baffled
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It's possible to recharge higher than "100%" going downhill. From Asheville NC to Spartanburg SC I've regened so much the volt stopped regen charging or even slowing down in L mode, felt like neutral.

Got over 17.8kw until I started running on gas ( driving from TN to FL ).

There's a video of someone "quick" charging a leaf by having a truck tow them with a tow strap until they regened to full in a few minutes.
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