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How many bolts to attach the lower air deflector?

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I bought a used 17' Volt and it was missing several parts/accessories:

Tire inflator kit
Second Key FOB
Lower air deflector

I'm now wanting to purchase a lower air deflector and attachment bolts from my local Chevy dealer.

Unfortunately, the schematic only shows one bolt as an attachment. Anybody know how many bolts are used to attach the lower air deflector to the front bumper?

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Sorry about your missing parts. Common problem with used cars.
The lower air deflector is 3 pieces using about 24 screws total. This is not counting the skirts hanging down in front of the front wheels. Some people live without the scraping of the air deflector. has the owners manual and infotainment manual online.
Tire inflator and goo bottle are in many cases useless. Any inflator and fixaflat would substitute. Look for the threads on gm-volt for installing a spare tire for around $100.
Key FOB is a dealer$hip item.
Hopefully the car did come with a charge cord.
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