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How come the Buick Velite has a 72 mile electric-only rating?

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I read today in an article about the Shanghai auto Show the claim that the Buick Velite, a rebadged Volt, has an electric-only range of 116 km or 72 miles. Anyone able to explain the basis for the difference from 53 miles (US) to 72 miles (China)?
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US EPA changed the cycles to account for more aggressive and therefore real world driving for MY17s...Not difficult to get 20% better in most models whether a Volt or an ICE Hellcat...
Another question is why the does Velite have black headlights and the US version has chrome/silver headlights.

Gen 1 has black headlights which is aesthetically better looking than silver yet they didn't make that black on Gen 2 which is stupid

Stupid stuff that pisses me off lol
If they're the same (they might not be) perhaps you could buy them? Best guess is with the silver grills it looks more consistent with chrome headlights...However since the Bolt EV has a dark gray and black grills, probably a safe bet as soon as MY18 the Volt will follow suit with darker grills and who knows, adopt the Velite's black trimmed headlights...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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