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How come the Buick Velite has a 72 mile electric-only rating?

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I read today in an article about the Shanghai auto Show the claim that the Buick Velite, a rebadged Volt, has an electric-only range of 116 km or 72 miles. Anyone able to explain the basis for the difference from 53 miles (US) to 72 miles (China)?
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Yes it is a different testing standard and has the same battery pack. My 16 Volt now averages about 62 miles on the guess o meter now that it has warmed up in mixed highway and city driving.

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EPA needs to test here in southern Illinois in the spring. They could rate the the Volt at 60+ miles. My GOM bounces between 60 and 65 miles everyday here in FLATLAND Illinois. Kansas would be another good test location as long as there are no winds.
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