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How about this VW

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got to love the irony,VW bests the best up Pikes Peak.
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We get constantly bombarded with rumors that none of the ICE automakers know even a little about EVs, and they are a decade behind Tesla in technology.

Those rumors are probably getting squashed in the next 18 months.

Tesla is actually at a huge engineering disadvantage. Established automakers have been fighting each other tooth and nail, penny by penny, horsepower by horsepower. In the process they became very good at designing and manufacturing cars.

Tesla isn't just a newcomer, they have no big talent on their team when it comes to automotive design and manufacturing. They haven't had to compete before with other companies.

We will see how it shakes out. Could VW/Audi/Porsche make a better EV than Tesla? Absolutely. Why didn't they? Timing.
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