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How about this VW

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got to love the irony,VW bests the best up Pikes Peak.
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Engadget said:
EVs are practically tailor-made for twisty hill climbs, and VW's achievement serves as proof.
But was it able to refuel and drive back down? I'm not very often climbing Pike's Peak, so these stunts don't give me much of a practical understanding of what a manufacturer has to offer me.

We get constantly bombarded with rumors that none of the ICE automakers know even a little about EVs, and they are a decade behind Tesla in technology.

Those rumors are probably getting squashed in the next 18 months.
We shall see. Jaguar is impressing to be sure. GM has more and better tech, but how much benefit are we seeing here?

If they tell us the gen 2 Volt didn't sell I'm going to go ballistic. Dork out the car and then complain you couldn't sell a dorkmobile? How many times are we going to play this game?

Fact is, I've seen more Bolts around here than gen 2 Volts. The only EV I see more of (and a lot more) is the gen 1 Volt.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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