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Hopefully upgrading to a 2018 Volt this weekend...

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... but have questions.

Has anyone traded in a Volt with a modified EVSE? (Mine's stock '13 with adapters to use on 220/110.)

Has anyone left their ERDTT mod installed?

I'm concerned they may frown on these. Granted the ERDTT mod is easy to remove, but don't want to have issues with the EVSE.

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I did the 120/240 mod to my 2014 EVSE (should be same as yours).
I figure, I did the mod, it's never going back to GM.
I bought another unmodified used EVSE to keep in the car, and trade in, if I ever do that.

One of the first times I brought my car back for service, I got berated for having an unsafe EVSE and adapters in the hatch. They also "let the air out of my tires" (44 --> 38psi). They later agreed to leave my tire PSI alone in the future, but I'm not going to argue the EVSE point (I do use it a lot).

Dealers do ask about any mods to a car being traded in.
Worst case I may have to keep my modded EVSE and let them keep the one from the new vehicle.
Agree, oddly enough, that may not satisfy the dealer. Mis-matched parts will continue to raise questions. In your case it really would be ok, but Volt has had cases where that doesn't work. Example, the 2011/2012 models didn't have the 8/12A setting on the car (config menus). There was a physical switch on the EVSE. So pair a 2013+ EVSE with a 2011/12 car, and you can't set 8A.

IIRC, buying the second used 2013 EVSE cost me about $225.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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