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Hopefully upgrading to a 2018 Volt this weekend...

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... but have questions.

Has anyone traded in a Volt with a modified EVSE? (Mine's stock '13 with adapters to use on 220/110.)

Has anyone left their ERDTT mod installed?

I'm concerned they may frown on these. Granted the ERDTT mod is easy to remove, but don't want to have issues with the EVSE.

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Think of the EVSE as an integral part of the car. If you modified the air intake or muffler of an ICE car and tried to trade it in, the dealer will still take it, but it's going to be worth a lot less to them than a stock car, because the next owner may not want those modifications. In your case it may actually be worse because of electrical safety concerns. In that case think if you modded your ICE car with a nitro canister. The dealer might give you a lot less then because the car would go straight to auction.
Not sure that's an accurate analogy as the EVSE is not part of the car. To me, the analogy would be if you used 89 octane gas in a car that recommends (but does not require) 91. Just burn off the 89 and fill it with 91. So think of the EVSE as just a really expensive tank of gas.

Congrats on getting the 18. Nice!
Yes... pics when you get it. That's one nice holiday present!

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