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Hopefully upgrading to a 2018 Volt this weekend...

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... but have questions.

Has anyone traded in a Volt with a modified EVSE? (Mine's stock '13 with adapters to use on 220/110.)

Has anyone left their ERDTT mod installed?

I'm concerned they may frown on these. Granted the ERDTT mod is easy to remove, but don't want to have issues with the EVSE.

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I neglected to mention the LED headlights and LED switchbacks and ERDTT mod and the ethanol sensor. Somebody will notice, but I hope I'm not involved. I know I paid too much so they should be good.
That just means in six weeks or so, we'll have some newb show up convinced that Gen 1 come with all-LED lighting because the one they just bought did. And it'll be YOUR fault. ;)
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