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Hopefully upgrading to a 2018 Volt this weekend...

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... but have questions.

Has anyone traded in a Volt with a modified EVSE? (Mine's stock '13 with adapters to use on 220/110.)

Has anyone left their ERDTT mod installed?

I'm concerned they may frown on these. Granted the ERDTT mod is easy to remove, but don't want to have issues with the EVSE.

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Worst case I may have to keep my modded EVSE and let them keep the one from the new vehicle.
I'm going to take my modded one and let them make that decision.

Thanks for the input.
Turns out the salesman forgot about my modded EVSE in the trunk and when I mentioned it (again!), he said it didn't matter. (Whatever I wanted to do.) Since I rent (and have free 110 in my garage), I left it in the trunk and stuck with the '18 EVSE. Newer ones seem to be smaller (and newer is better, right?) so I'm happy. I neglected to mention the LED headlights and LED switchbacks and ERDTT mod and the ethanol sensor. Somebody will notice, but I hope I'm not involved. I know I paid too much so they should be good.
I also left it with a stock tune, but modded (similar to Sport) pedal mappings, so someone will think old Volts are quite peppy.

Regarding the EVSE, I had to mention it again before leaving and the sales guy asked me what I wanted to do. The old one was already in my trade and my new one packed in the truck (hopefully) so I suggested we leave it as-is.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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