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High mileage 2013 volt

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So a friend of mine was borrowing my 2013 volt and crashed it. I'm now in the market for a new volt and found a 2013 that has 135k miles but is going for 8.5k. Any thoughts yet on the reliability of high mileage volts? My other choice is to return to a Prius, but that just doesn't seem as exciting anymore.
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Putting aside issues with ANY car over 100K miles, I would see if you can get a Volt at least with some 100K VOLTEC warranty left, even if it's a little bit more. If you are in CA or some CARB states and the used Volt qualifies (I think it's PZEZ), you get 150K/10 year warranty on the BATTERY (but not the VOLTEC components). You'll need the VIN of the vehicle you're looking at to determine this (and be in a CARB state).

If you're dead set on this car, make sure you have some liquid funds available. Even minor battery repairs involve lots of time and even more money. Money saved up front could cost you a lot at an unexpected time. Unless, of course, you are comfortable dropping out the battery yourself or have a local EV-knowledgeable mechanic who is. Otherwise, you're stuck going to the dealership for dealer prices -- not a great option. Even worse is that dealerships will throw (expensive) Volt parts at problems--hope you have a good one nearby that will actually have skilled Volt techs to diagnose issues (correctly) the first time and offer you reasonable options. While these issues are uncommon--they are not unheard of.
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