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High mileage 2013 volt

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So a friend of mine was borrowing my 2013 volt and crashed it. I'm now in the market for a new volt and found a 2013 that has 135k miles but is going for 8.5k. Any thoughts yet on the reliability of high mileage volts? My other choice is to return to a Prius, but that just doesn't seem as exciting anymore.
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There are plenty of higher mileage Volts out there that are just as reliable as the day they left the lot. It really just comes down to how well the owner takes care of their car for the most part. I bought a higher mileage '13 (93K) and now have 121K on it after almost 2 years and have no issues as far as reliability since I got it. Buying a higher mileage car isn't always a gamble just as buying a lower mileage car doesn't always guarantee you'll have a trouble free car. The best suggestion I can offer is to get it inspected at a Volt qualified dealership and if possible try to see what service records the owner has. Service for the Volt as I'm sure you know is generally minimal but as long as oil changes were done regular, and the fluid services at 5 years/100K have been performed then it should be just fine. I do like that the Volt has a fully computer controlled engine which means it's highly unlikely that it's been over-revved unlike a traditional ICE can suffer from.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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