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High mileage 2013 volt

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So a friend of mine was borrowing my 2013 volt and crashed it. I'm now in the market for a new volt and found a 2013 that has 135k miles but is going for 8.5k. Any thoughts yet on the reliability of high mileage volts? My other choice is to return to a Prius, but that just doesn't seem as exciting anymore.
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Not sure why a lot of people are hung up on warranty expiration. <snip> Are we entering a brave new world or it just a matter of teaching an old dog new tricks?
My thoughts on's a whole new world and most of the drive train on a Volt isn't much like anything before.
1) You have to be educated about working with high voltage/amperage electricity.
2) A lot of parts are just as "plug n' play" as anything else...but lordy some of the parts are EXPENSIVE!
3) I think (though I could be wrong here) that there are some bits that GM still won't sell/send to anyone but a qualified/certified GM mechanic (that means paying dealership rates)
4) Troubleshooting issues is REALLY a new ballgame with all the various computer controlled systems the Volt has integrated.

On the whole it is my firm opinion that I would not buy a used Volt that was out of the Voltec warranty simply because there are a lot of newer, lower mileage, cars out there that still do have warranty time left on the clock. Right now my personal opinion is that my Volt is a fantastic car right up until it's out of warranty and things start to go wrong. The first major issue with OHM-RIDE out of Voltec warranty and it will probably get replaced with something newer.
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you loaned out your volt to a "friend"...... why
My friend and I use each others vehicles all the time. What is so weird about that?
(then again, neither of us are knuckleheads who are careless with loaned items)
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