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Hidden functions behind the 'power' button!

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I am sure there are a series of special engineering functions that you can do by pressing the 'power-on' button in certain ways.

Does anyone know for sure/have a list?

I know that there is a feature where you press the power button in certain ways to enter 'dealership storage mode', but don't have the details of that. This turns off all the active 12V circuits when OFF.

I came across another one purely by chance the other day. I had run MM and then pressed the power button while still in drive, it gave an error and 'shift to park' and when I did I got the ERDTT message and the engine sprang back to life. It was 8C!

Strange things happen when you press that power button in certain ways. I suspect there is a number of 'special modes', either deliberate or accidental, or probably both.
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Search for the Voltamorting Easter egg...:)

Plus pressing the blue button twice while at highway speeds is fun (by no means am I recommending that people do this - horrible things can happen - akin to the ignition switch issues caused by a heavy set of keys swinging to shut off a Cruze or Cavalier) thus prompting a massive recall to install second ring on the key rings (affected my wife's CTS also)
Do this...

Power button, horn, horn, wait 5 minutes, power button, open door, close door, horn, power button.

When I do this, my wife come out and yells at me for rushing her.
That's almost like the Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B sequence on Nintendo.

Here's one that actually works, but doesn't do much:
- press pause on whatever was playing
- leave the phone in the car
- leave the car on
- open the driver window
- get out
- pull the fob out of your pocket
- push the fob into the cabin breaking the plane where the window usually is
- pull the fob out
- with your other hand auto Up the window
- pull your arm out so it doesn't get squeezed by the closing window
- press lock on the fob
- walk away

All this to avoid the dreaded triple honk while leaving the car on, phone in car streaming, in order to avoid having to resync bluetooth (at least on a gen1, I don't know if the same sequence works on a gen 2)
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