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Hidden functions behind the 'power' button!

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I am sure there are a series of special engineering functions that you can do by pressing the 'power-on' button in certain ways.

Does anyone know for sure/have a list?

I know that there is a feature where you press the power button in certain ways to enter 'dealership storage mode', but don't have the details of that. This turns off all the active 12V circuits when OFF.

I came across another one purely by chance the other day. I had run MM and then pressed the power button while still in drive, it gave an error and 'shift to park' and when I did I got the ERDTT message and the engine sprang back to life. It was 8C!

Strange things happen when you press that power button in certain ways. I suspect there is a number of 'special modes', either deliberate or accidental, or probably both.
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This brings to mind my friend's story about driving down the road with his 16 year old son, on a learners permit. They were doing about 50 mph on a country road when his son suddenly reached down, grabbed the emergency brake lever, and yanked it full up.

One of the two rear wheels locked up, the car started to go off axis, and my friend was wrestling his son for control of the steering wheel to prevent over-correction.
Finally, stopped on the shoulder in a cloud of dust he looked at his son and asked him what the hell that was all about.
His son sheepishly said "oh, I just wondered what would happen".
Hah, I got a kick out of that story. I'll speak for myself, but I miss being young and a idiot again.
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