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I had a problem with my aftermarket Kensun HID kit. It was occasionally not firing a headlight up and, during a very cold spell, I had a lot of flickering issues. It made sense that these issues were caused by not enough power getting to the ballasts. Therefore, I decided to install a relay harness. I picked one up that also had the inline resistors to ensure I didn't get a headlight out warning.

After I installed the harness, all fired up and worked very well. However, after I drove the car for about an hour or so, I lost my power steering. When I brought the car into the shop, they discovered that the fuse to the 12v battery post in the engine compartment was blown. That's where I put connected the 12v+ harness wire to as that's the logical place to get the most direct 12v source. The shop can put in a new fuse (relatively expensive part and labor for a fuse!) but I'm obviously not too keen to reconnect the relay harness up the same way.

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