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Hi Y'all from Dallas Texas!

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Hi! I am new to this forum, but I have owned my 2011 Chevy Volt since 2012! Best car I have ever owned - in FACT, I've never owned a car this long...I usually trade at the 2-3 year mark!

I would love to hear from other 2011 Volt owners - I am at 87K miles! My lifetime MPG is 78, not awesome, but reflective of trips to N.C., Colorado, Michigan, etc. from here in North Texas.

I really haven't had any big issues except I recently (like last week) replaced my Heater Coolant Valve. Initially the dealership quoted my $600+ to replace it :rolleyes:, but with some research help from my ex-husband, who is very proficient in anything mechanical, we discovered the part itself was $50 and not extremely hard to replace. So I did it myself in less than 4 hours. And we are back in business!

KNOCK ON WOOD, I haven't had any battery issues yet, but the battery warranty is ticking down very loudly!

Hope y'all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

-Tari Anne
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