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Had it for a while (2 years), just discovered this forum. Bought it used from a Kia dealer here in Ontario. It came without a charge cord, and from the looks of things, the original owner had barely charged it. Good for me - not too many battery cycles!

My wife drove it for a while until she crashed it. Then she dropped her commute and we switched cars. I commute 115 km one way. I have a 240 in the garage at home, and they let me plug into 110 at work. On a good day I get about 145 km on battery (so about 85 km on gas). I so love the savings that I sometimes intentionally drive in traffic instead of the HOV - just so I don't have to tear along at 110 km/h and burn through my range!

Yesterday I managed 160 km. Sometimes I stop at my wife's workplace, plug in to a 110 outlet and take her truck home. That way the car can do 160+ km on the day. Yes, I am a cheap bastard - but I do worry about my wife crashing it again.

Love the car. When the battery fades I'll either replace it or get another Volt, or even maybe a Bolt. We can always use the truck for long road trips.
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