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Hi from So Cal

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Hello. Well, I made an account and purchased a Volt back in May. I made my first post yesterday...which I guess had to be approved by a moderator? Since that one fluttered off into the ether, I figured I'd make an intro post and see if it sticks.

Anyway, I own a blue 2017 Volt Premier. So far, it's been great. I have the green stickers, received my $1500 from the state and charge at home and at work. It's my first hybrid car and my second Chevrolet after owning a couple of GM cars and two Toyotas. I still own a Tacoma.

Recently, I used the air compressor in the trunk to inflate a co-worker's tires in the parking garage at work. It worked rather nicely. I learned today how to make Android Auto cancel my navigation route and start a new one using voice commands.

See you around!
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welcome, your first post goes into a separate collection folder.
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