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Hi All, Bought My CPO 2015 a Month Ago

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I'm coming over to the Volt from a Gen 2 Prius that got up to 210k miles before the transmission died on me.
I'm an EE who's had my F150 and Prius apart seven ways from Sunday to save on mechanic's fees.
I also have experience reverse engineering the GMLAN protocol for 2004-2012 GM BCM's for my previous employer. Of course, I haven't done much with automotive CAN since then, though I do work on a CAN protocol I developed for my current employer (non-auto).
I'm looking forward to at least a few years without having to climb under my car (the car had 30k miles when I bought it), though I do enjoy a good mod here and there.
I'm also lucky in that I typically get to charge for free while I'm at work, because some of the maintenance folks at my company were early adopters of the Volt.
Someday I'll have the money to take advantage of the GM discount I get through my employer, but now is not that time.
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Thanks! I hope so as well, even if I only get 100k miles out of it before things start to go wrong, I'll be pleased. My Prius had a tendency to croak on the hottest and/or coldest days of the year, and I don't have a garage, so I was swapping batteries in 7F weather.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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