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Help with myChevrolet app, car infomation is gone!

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I just went to check my charge level in the myChevrolet app and that whole sub menu (where it shows charge/fuel level, tire pressure, total miles, etc) is gone! My Volt still shows in the little drop down and has the correct VIN number showing and the remote menu is there (to unlock the doors/remote start etc) but how do I get the information menu back?? Does anyone else know if the service is having issues right now or something? Anyone have this happen before? Thanks!
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My onstar account expired and I wasn't going to pay the high fees for stuff I never use. My phone App still works fine to do all the same things like starting the car or locking etc. but there are no stats showing up under the heading Vehicle stats and it just says "upgrade now". Everything else works including sending navigation from the phone. Hope this answers your questions.
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