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Help with myChevrolet app, car infomation is gone!

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I just went to check my charge level in the myChevrolet app and that whole sub menu (where it shows charge/fuel level, tire pressure, total miles, etc) is gone! My Volt still shows in the little drop down and has the correct VIN number showing and the remote menu is there (to unlock the doors/remote start etc) but how do I get the information menu back?? Does anyone else know if the service is having issues right now or something? Anyone have this happen before? Thanks!
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I just checked and the app and website is working fine for me.
I'm fairly certain nothing on the app will work without an OnStar account. You can still remote start with your fob, but not through the app. Vehicle info (tires, charge, etc) will not work. I'm on a free three months, and it's nice to see stats on my phone but can't say it's worth $30/month.

XM same debate for me, but if you keep telling them "no" eventually they get down to more reasonable offers.
What exactly is the difference between the MyChevrolet app and the OnStar app? Is there any reason to have both of them?
I have both but don't see a bit of difference between the two other than the user interface. All the same info as far as I can tell.

wordptom - thanks for clarifying. That's my understanding as well. OnStar basic still allows fob functions, but none of the diagnostics or charging status.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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