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Help with myChevrolet app, car infomation is gone!

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I just went to check my charge level in the myChevrolet app and that whole sub menu (where it shows charge/fuel level, tire pressure, total miles, etc) is gone! My Volt still shows in the little drop down and has the correct VIN number showing and the remote menu is there (to unlock the doors/remote start etc) but how do I get the information menu back?? Does anyone else know if the service is having issues right now or something? Anyone have this happen before? Thanks!
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I'm getting the general feeling that OnStar is having service issues right now. The OnStar app won't let me log in and tells me to call a service advisor and the web site isn't logging me in either (and won't actually sent a password reset or anything). Anyone else able to confirm it's just a server issue?

(Also, you don't need a paid OnStar plan to see the basic vehicle charge/fuel level, right? I was told by my dealership it was included for 3 (5?) years for free...)
Just refreshed myChevrolet app and it's working fine. Make sure your internet is connected if on wi-fi and working on other sites.
It's not working on the app, the web site (which loads, but won't sign me in), or anywhere else. Internet is working fine. I was just trying to figure out if it was an account issue on my end or something on the network side.

Can you at least confirm that you don't need a paid OnStar plan to access that part of the service?
I appears to be working for me again. I was really hesitant to delete it and download it again because I'm honestly not 100% certain what my user/pass is for it (which is why I tried a username reminder/password reset on the web site but even that didn't work) and I can't remember what I had to do initially to get it to see my car. Further, I'm pretty certain I never updated OnStar with my phone number because I didn't want them cold calling me (cough XM radio cough) to get me to buy into their service. I also have no idea what my OnStar account number is... so I basically know zero if the app ever logs me out or stops working :)

I'm also getting annoyed right now because it's the time where all the free stuff is starting to end with the Volt. XM radio is calling me like crazy to sign up. I got a notice in the mail the other day about my first service being due, or over due (I've only had the car ~90 days and maybe 1500 miles, is there really already a service for it?), OnStar has sent at least 50 emails warning me that my data plan is ending. Blah blah blah. All I care about is that my car gets the 2 free dealer included service visits and that the myChevy app keeps working. It's hard to separate all the other BS out from those two things and when today it stopped working and I couldn't log in anywhere I got frustrated thinking I needed to sign up for some pay plan to get it to work >.<

Anyone else confirm that you don't need a paid OnStar service for that basic app usage? (Charge/Fuel level, Tire Pressure, Remote Unlock/Start/Lock)
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I'm fairly certain nothing on the app will work without an OnStar account. You can still remote start with your fob, but not through the app. Vehicle info (tires, charge, etc) will not work. I'm on a free three months, and it's nice to see stats on my phone but can't say it's worth $30/month.

XM same debate for me, but if you keep telling them "no" eventually they get down to more reasonable offers.
Man I hope that isn't the case, I kept asking the dealer and they swore left and right that it was including as "OnStar Basics" or something which was a 3 year included service (which would be the complete length of my lease). Believe it or not that was a huge selling point for me. I really wanted remote start that could be initiated further then a hundred feet or so and remotely checking my charge. :-/

XM has already been a huge pain... but I will admit that I do enjoy a few channels on it. Thankfully they have a basic plan that is like 80 channels (maybe 60?) for like $6/mo. That's probably what I'll go for. If OnStar had a $2.99-$5.99/mo plan for remote start and telemetry that might be worth it, but no way $15-$30/mo!
What exactly is the difference between the MyChevrolet app and the OnStar app? Is there any reason to have both of them?
I don't think so, neither one of them were working for me the other day and neither showed any OnStar account details or information for me (but did show the Volt and correct VIN and remote unlock worked). It's back to normal now.... sooooo... not sure if my free trial is over and it still works, if that was a random glitch, or if something will happen soon when my trial ends and one day it just won't show charge any more :-/
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