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HELP - not charging afer SPS programming calibration update

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I've done a calibration update on some ECUs today
First I tried the front camera, all ok so then I proceeded to BCCM Battery Charger Control Module (OBCM)

It updated:
opSW1 from 22783694 to 24270697
Cal 1 from 22801623 to 24270698
OPSW2, Cal2, OPSW3, Cal3 seems to have stayed the same

The problem is that after it went to 100%, I got an error Unknown error during service programming event. Please contact GM support if problem persists

But the car restarted and all seemed fine, EXCEPT that it won't charge

At first, the only error I got was p1e00
This was a generic error

I thought maybe HPCM2 and BECM need updating too
So I did that, and now HPCM2 does throw another error: P1EE6 Battery Charger AC Voltage Not Present

After more messing with the car (trying to charge when off/ on, trying different charger) I also got
P16C2 Battery charger contorl module random access memory performance
P16C1 Battery charger contorl module read only memory performance

I would guess that perhaps the updated software is NOT for my hardware, so now it won't work
or something elese?

does anyone know how can you flash back to the previous software with SPS?

Or any advice on what to do next?

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Now if I just can figure out how to do a reflash with SPS.....
SPS says it has the latest calibration and won't let me reflash :(
SPS Updated to Prohibit or Warn about Programming with Same Calibration

According to the above link, on 2017 and newer you can no longer push the same calibration onto the vehicle...

On 2016 and older like your Gen1, you still should be able to 'click' thru the SPS warning dialog boxes pictured above to 'force' the same calibration onto your Volt according to the same link.
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I can clear the DTC codes.
Then it tries to charge (I hear the charger relays), but it can't, there is no AC coming out of the BCCM, I guess
I tried disconnecting the 12V battery.

What if I try chaning the VIN when programming, would that trigger a reflash?

You don't want AC out of the T18...the OBCM should be providing DC in order to charge the battery pack.

I doubt you would be able to 'trick' SPS to force a reflash at this point. Suppose SPS has changed so even pre2016 MY are no longer able to reflash the same calibration. Best bet would be to contact that Techline support 800 number.

You may be looking at having to replace the T18 outright...
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