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Helm Gen2 Service Manual

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Is now available for $300 on

Anybody seen/ordered it?

Its it 100 lbs of books?
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For what it's worth, I just checked on availablity. At it shows the 2016 service manual is available. I have a 2017 and it's still not available.
The 2017 Volt service manual is now available. I choked on the price but I ordered it anyway. Just short of $400 with handling and shipping. (No state tax)
I'm tempted to order but have you read Helm's note in red that says this.....
"This manual is a digital reprint of the original publication. It is possible that this item will be in loose-leaf format. Any wiring diagrams in the original shop/service manual are NOT reproduceable and are no longer available."
I received my manuals yesterday. I can confirm they ARE NOT in loose leaf format. 4 bound (like a book) manuals, just like the 2 other Helm manuals I've ordered over the years. I have not checked for wiring diagrams, but I would like to think with a car like the Volt would have wiring diagrams!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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