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Hello on the Volt forum! I am really happy to have found this site, and was checking daily for updates on Volt production for a while ...this car will be incredible! I have pictures of the concept up in the office and have told many people about it...even got a couple people to sign up on the waiting list. These are BMW drivers and Acura drivers, so I am really happy that they found the Volt compelling enough to sign up. Let's hope GM backs the Volt to the hilt and we get a great product that does everything we are all hoping for! And also, a great product that will get people buying American again. My buddy with a Prius (and he loves his Prius) is very intrigued by the look of the Volt, and is even on the waiting list now. I don't think he has even thought about an American car for 25 years, so that is a good sign for GM! I have found it easy to evangelize about the Volt to people I know because the concept of a reliable plug-in is just so sensible...the next big step. I was really encouraged to see the news a couple days ago that GM is definitely going to build the I can't wait to get one of my very own! Here's to many great interactions with you all on the forum as we count down to 2010!
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