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Hello to all, new Volt owner in Southern California! :D

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Hey Guys,

Jason, new volt owner here. Just traded in my twin turbo BMW for this incredible machine, and could not be happier ;)


A car guy at heart, I've been waiting for a chance to own an electric vehicle. Los Angeles is a traffic laden mess as many of us know. Fuel costs were killing me. In My 23 mile commute to work in traffic (each way) was costing me almost 10 bux a day here in sunny Los Angeles. Super happy to report I arrived this AM only 8 miles down from a fulll charge, costing me about 35 cents or so!

Super glad to be here, looking fwd to learning all I can, and contributing to the wealth of knowledge here.


Volt LT handsomely appointed.
Former/Recovering BM-TroubleYou owner. (what a POS)
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Welcome Jason.Like you,have 17 Volt LT,now almost 11K miles.With your warm temperatures,watch your EV miles estimate climb-as long as you don't push the Volt too hard.Your commute should be fairly easy now.
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